About Me

Hi, I'm Monica!

I'm a nature-loving creative in Northern California who enjoys all things joy and laughter. I was a high school English/History teacher who now runs our independent study program from home since having our two kids, which means I have all the time in the world to be fully present, live a slow and intentional life, and blissfully appreciate every moment of their fleeting childhoods... right?

I wish!

Instead, I find myself racing in thirteen different directions at once, propelled by a zest for life and an earnest desire to contribute to the world. They're all lovely things -- educational, charitable, and helpful -- but when I take a moment to reflect, I realize that it can be all too easy to allow good things to crowd out the few precious things that really matter.

My heart for photography is also my sincerest wish for life.

To create space for people to reconnect with that which they love most. To cultivate an atmosphere of relaxed presence, where all the demands of the world can be set aside to allow beauty and gratitude to sink in. To offer an opportunity for us to appreciate all the goodness that so easily gets overshadowed by all the hustle.

Oh, and you get gorgeous artwork of your refreshing time together. ;)

I would love to craft a memorable time for you and your loved ones, resulting in a gallery of images that bring a smile to your face every time you see them and are reminded of just how lovely your life really is.

Vacaville photographer smiles at Lagoon Valley in Solano County

Ya feel me?

A little more about me...

I've always been very connected to nature... hehe.

My other jobs have included barista, waitress, college admissions, whitewater raft guide, and many more!

I've loved anything to do with horses since I was a wee lass at horse camp in Washington.

My husband and I have been incredibly blessed to have traveled to so many amazing places in this wonderful world.

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The C Family

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"Monica did a wonderful job on our family photos this past spring. She was able to capture the joy of our then 5 month old son. She was so helpful in advance consulting on outfits and helping us find the perfect location. She was quick and efficient as well, which was key for keeping baby happy in the late evening and before bedtime. We can’t wait to capture more memories with her in the future."

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