Let's Do This!

You've read my heart behind it all and my approach to this wonderful process. You've seen my work. You feel that infectious enthusiasm to capture your fleeting stage of life in a precious time capsule, all in an easygoing, fun, humorous, joy-filled way.

I don't take every session that I'm approached about because it's important for us to be the best possible fit for each other, so this is a chance for us to make sure we're a good match moving forward! Also, due to the detailed preparation and intensive nature of each session, to fully create an authentic capture of your life, I only accept about 3-4 clients per month. So if it all sounds like a good fit so far, drop me a line with your ideas, questions, and goals and we can begin to create something beautiful together.

Woman walks toward camera in branding photos in Vacaville, CA at Pena Adobe

"I wish there were a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."

- Andy Bernard in The Office

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