General Tips and Tricks

Here are the main things to note that have a huge impact on the way the images come out! I know some of this may sound harsh or bossy or judgmental or what have you, but it's all from experience and from seeing a wide variety of styles in photo shoots over the years; these are the most basic and most important things that allow me to create beautifully smooth images that are pleasing to the eye and capture you in your best light!

  • YES - Solid, neutral colors
  • NO - Bright colors, bold prints, images, characters, or writing

  • YES - Textured, flowy fabrics
  • NO - Super tight, short, or troublesome fits (that you'd have to keep adjusting, etc)

  • YES - Dresses, skirts, button-up shirts, chinos, dress shoes, boots, sweaters, and layers
  • NO - Flip flops, t shirts, tennis shoes, tank tops

  • YES - Solid colors with one small pop or two of delicate/subtle prints
  • NO - Too many plaid, striped, or boldly-patterned items

  • YES - Erring on the side of over-dressing
  • NO - Sticking to normal daily wear (this is a special occasion!)

  • YES - Hair and makeup - even if you're not a makeup person normally, foundation, eyeliner, and mascara make all the difference in the world on camera!
  • NO - Trying out a new hairstyle or makeup look the day-of. Trust me. ;)

It will help everything to go as smoothly as possible if you are able to plan outfits a few weeks in advance and ensure ample time to try everything on, get it steamed/ironed/dry cleaned, and feel confident in your choices. You will see that the couples on the Pinterest board linked below are coordinating their outfits and colors, but they're not overly-matched or identical. Muted, solid colors and very minimal patterns tend to look best on camera -- bold stripes, neon/bright colors, and busy prints are all kinds of trouble! To pivot away from bright colors, opt for a more neutral version: instead of royal blue, go for a smoother heathered navy or a soft pastel robin’s egg. Colors that work best include neutrals, pastels, or jewel tones, and I can help to refine this further considering your specific location!

For the Ladies:

  • Whether you prefer a shirt or dress, there are some key details to consider to ensure it photographs well. You want fabric that is flowy, drapes flatteringly, and moves well. Avoid pieces that are stiff, crunchy, or easily wrinkled. 
  • Consider the silhouette --  A light, flowy dress that is able to catch the breeze is always a good choice. It adds movement, drama, and all kinds of interest that is tricky to explain ahead of time but looks incredible in the artwork. Something that drapes well on your shape is the best bet -- here is a reel from Style and Select that gives some visual examples!
  • As for your shoes, just keep the location in mind when deciding between heels, boots, or sandals. Your comfort is just as important and will ensure an enjoyable session. 
  • Classic, simple jewelry and any matching accessories add a nice touch; I would avoid anything too bold/trendy if you’re going for a timeless look. Layers are always good!

For the Gentlemen:

  • Button-down shirts and sweaters are perfect, and layers always work in your favor. Sleeves can be rolled up if the weather is hot, and a complementary jacket can be added when it’s cold.
  • Dress slacks or chinos are best for pants.
  • Brown or black dress shoes are always a good bet. 
  • Accessories and details add some complexity and refinement -- a belt, cufflinks, a watch, etc.

How about some shopping lists, courtesy of White Pine Photography?

Final Thoughts

  • Dress for the weather and the setting -- if you’re uncomfortable, it’s going to be difficult for you to be fully present and enjoy the process. Consider your ability to walk/play/sit, the temperature and potential breeze, and the terrain where we’ll be moving.
  • This is one time you will want to do the extra work of ironing/steaming/dry cleaning to get all the wrinkles out of all your pieces.
  • Double-check your coverage -- editing bra straps or panty lines is very difficult and time-consuming, so please choose outfits that cover your undergarments in all types of movement and postures.
  • As always, reach out anytime with questions, concerns, or anything I can help with! You’re not in this alone!