As we approach the new year, the buzz around setting resolutions is hard to escape. But let's be real—most of those grand plans tend to fizzle out by February. So, how about we approach goal-setting with a sprinkle of intentionality and a dash of realism? I'm including some of my favorite goal-setting/accountability/task management tools down at the bottom!

Reflect on What Truly Matters:

Take a quiet moment to ponder your family's core values. What principles are fundamental to your identity? Consider the moments that have brought the most joy in the past year. Whether it's cozy movie nights, outdoor adventures, or simple family dinners, identify these experiences. Reflect on the emotions they evoke and the values they embody. This introspection will serve as a compass for setting goals that resonate with your family's unique identity.

Prioritize and Simplify:

Now that you've identified key values and joyous moments, it's time to prioritize. Ask yourselves: What activities align most closely with our values? Which experiences consistently bring us joy? Select two or three of these core aspects to prioritize in the coming year. By narrowing down your focus, you ensure that your efforts are directed toward what truly matters, fostering a more connected and joyful family life.

Bite-Sized Brilliance:

Break down your prioritized goals into actionable, bite-sized tasks. If, for example, you've decided to prioritize family game nights, start with a small, manageable task like researching and selecting a few games. This incremental approach not only makes the goals less daunting but also allows you to celebrate small victories along the way. Each tiny step contributes to the larger journey of cultivating joy and connection.

The Power of Incremental Progress:

Embrace the philosophy of small, consistent progress. Rather than setting a lofty goal like "have a perfect family game night every week," begin with an achievable frequency, perhaps once a month. As your family gets into the rhythm, you can gradually increase the frequency. This incremental approach not only prevents overwhelm but also ensures that the journey is enjoyable and sustainable for the long haul.

Quality Over Quantity:

Consider the impact each goal will have on your family life. If one goal aligns with your values and brings significant joy, it's far more valuable than a list of superficial goals. Assess the depth of connection and happiness each goal can potentially bring. Prioritize quality over quantity to ensure that your energy is invested where it matters most.

Align with Your Lifestyle:

Evaluate how each goal fits into your family's unique lifestyle. Consider daily routines, individual preferences, and the overall flow of your days. If a goal requires a significant shift that doesn't align with your family's natural rhythm, it might lead to stress rather than joy. Choose or adjust goals that seamlessly integrate with your family's way of life.

Family-Centric Focus:

Make goal-setting a collaborative family affair. Gather everyone together to discuss potential goals. Encourage each family member to share their thoughts, aspirations, and ideas for shared experiences. This inclusive approach not only strengthens the sense of togetherness but also ensures that everyone feels invested in the journey. By aligning your collective vision, you're fostering a shared commitment to the goals you set.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Life is unpredictable, and so should be your goals. Incorporate flexibility into your plans to accommodate unexpected changes. If, for example, a planned outdoor adventure gets rained out, have an indoor alternative ready. This adaptability ensures that your goals remain enjoyable rather than becoming stressors. Embrace the flow of life, adjusting your plans with a spirit of resilience and openness.


Choose a friend or two that you can commiserate with in the successes as well as the drawbacks. Share your goals with them and invite their feedback on how realistic it is, and when you've both chosen your own goals for the year, increase the chances of sticking with them by checking in with one another whenever you can. Remind each other to have grace but also push each other through the times where you want to give up!

My Favorite Tools:

  • Is Google Calendar too obvious? ;) Okay...
  • How about this one -- Magic ToDo -- that uses AI to take a specific goal or task and break it down into each step? It can be as simple or detailed as you'd like, and it can also estimate the time it takes for each step. HUGELY helpful for those of us with time blindness or unrealistic ambitions. ;)
  • The Fabulous App was surprisingly fun and engaging, and it forced me to start small... almost insultingly so, haha! But it was a great way to get into a new morning routine and change some other stuff in life.

Remember, the beauty of goal-setting lies in the journey, not just the destination. Let's welcome the new year with goals that resonate, inspire, and contribute to a life filled with joy and meaningful connections.