Resolutions that are a blessing instead of a burden...

As the new year approaches, many of us are thinking about ways to improve ourselves and our lives. For busy families, it can be especially challenging to find the time and energy to work on personal goals while also managing the demands of family life. That's why it's important to make New Year's resolutions that are simple, sustainable, and tailored to the unique needs and desires of each family member.

Here are some tips and tricks for making New Year's resolutions together as a busy family:

  1. Start small: It's easy to get overwhelmed by grandiose goals, so it's important to start small and build on your successes. Set achievable goals that you can realistically work on each week or month.
  2. Make it a team effort: Involve all family members in the resolution-making process. Have each person come up with one or two goals they would like to work on, and then discuss as a group how you can support each other in achieving those goals.
  3. Customize your goals: Make sure your resolutions are customized to each person's needs and desires. For example, if one family member wants to improve their physical fitness, they might set a goal of going to the gym three times a week. Another family member might set a goal of reading one book per month.
  4. Find accountability partners: It's easier to stick to your goals when you have someone to support and encourage you. Find an accountability partner, whether it's a family member, friend, or coach, to help you stay on track.
  5. Celebrate your successes: Don't forget to celebrate your achievements along the way! Whether it's small milestones or big accomplishments, take the time to recognize and appreciate your progress.

By following these tips and tricks, you can make New Year's resolutions that are simple, sustainable, and customized to your busy family's needs. Together, you can set and achieve your goals for the new year and beyond! 

"Okay, but I'm still drawing a blank on specific ideas..."

Need some ideas to get the ball rolling? Here are some suggestions of possible resolutions to implement:

  • Spend more quality time together as a family, such as having weekly game nights or monthly movie nights
  • Start a family garden or plan a weekly outdoor adventure
  • Create a family budget and work towards financial goals together
  • Practice gratitude by writing in a gratitude journal or sharing one thing you're thankful for at the dinner table each night
  • Start a family tradition, like a weekly family dinner or monthly family outing
  • Take up a new hobby as a family, such as cooking, painting, or playing a sport
  • Set aside technology-free time each day or week to focus on face-to-face communication and connection
  • Volunteer together as a family at a local organization or charity
  • Practice mindfulness and mindfulness activities, such as yoga or meditation, as a family
  • Work towards being a more environmentally-conscious family, such as reducing waste or using eco-friendly products.

New Year's resolutions don't have to be burdensome or stressful – they can be fun and exciting opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Instead of viewing resolutions as things that you "have to" do, try viewing them as invitations to embrace new challenges and opportunities. You might be surprised at what you can achieve and how much fun you can have in the process. So don't be afraid to take the leap and set some meaningful resolutions for your family this year. You never know what amazing things you might discover and accomplish together.

I'd love to hear what you come up with! And I hope this time is a fun, inviting opportunity to reflect on what you truly love and value and discover ways to incorporate it into your life more. It's a chance for us to fight back against the tyranny of the good over the great and to be intentional against getting caught up in a bunch of endeavors that don't truly reflect our most important priorities! :)